As Demir Pharma family, we prioritize customer satisfaction and take care not to compromise our high quality standard. We
carefully supply raw materials from various parts of the world and develop the natural extracts of these raw materials through intensive R&D studies. We are proud to make you happy with these products we offer to the health and personal care sector with a new generation solution approach and eight years of experience.


As DemirPharma family, our goal in the health and personal care sector is to be a company that manufactures in accordance with international quality standards. In addition, our vision is to always act in line with the consumption rates of human health needs in the health and personal care sector and aim to be one of the leading production companies in the sector with modern infrastructures.


We protect and improve the health of our customers living in today’s modern urban life, improve their quality of life and take on personal care. We offer a better quality of life with natural products. At the same time, we offer a reliable and healthy service against possible deformations. We work passionately and enthusiastically to improve the lives we touch by moving towards becoming a strong international brand. We know that it is our duty to contribute to the medical world by working in national and international markets in order to facilitate the access of our products, which we undertake as we progress towards developing our brand.