All the products you order are first checked by the warehouse staff and then individually checked by the packaging staff. All of the products come out of our central warehouse in Istanbul. The products are delivered from the warehouse personnel to the packaging and from there to the cargo officer with signed delivery receipts .

We have some precautions and suggestions to process your orders more easily and to deliver your products to you safely as soon as possible. These recommendations and measures can be listed as follows;

1- When ordering;

Our products are packaged in a healthy way on the basis of specially packaged parcels. These packages have been prepared in accordance with international transportation standards. Orders placed on the basis of parcels will be delivered safely to the cargo with their own special packages. However , in some cases , some precautions and precautions must be taken as the products may be damaged .

2- After order (during delivery)

Orders are received by phone, fax or email from 9:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the evening. After your order is received, it is delivered to you by the courier company and delivery method. Domestic deliveries are delivered to the dealer or individual customer within a maximum of 3 working days after the product leaves our warehouse, and within 15 days for international orders.

*Orders placed after 15:00 will be evaluated the next day.
*Orders are delivered to cargo at 18:00.

I was absent during the cargo delivery, what should I do?
If the cargo cannot find the relevant person in your address delivery orders, it leaves a note. If there is an error in your address, the cargo will call us and report the situation and we will inform you of the situation and ensure that you receive it.
• Check first whether your cargo is intact and complete.
• If there is any abnormal condition such as damage, dents or wetness outside of your cargo, please do not receive it. The cargo will be returned to us.
• After receiving your cargo, you can open and check it with the cargo officer. If during the control it is discovered that some of the products in your order are missing or damaged, ask the cargo authority to prepare a report.
• The minutes prepared at the time of first delivery, with the witness of the cargo officer, are very important to reveal the person responsible for the missing or damage. Missing/damage notifications that you will make after receiving the cargo will be rejected depending on the examination, since there is no report or it is not prepared with the delivery at the time of delivery. In this case, our company cannot be held responsible.
• If you encounter a problem, inform us before leaving your place with the courier.
• In order for you to return the product for any reason, all accessories and packaging materials of the product must be complete and undamaged in its original packaging.
• For product returns, all copies of our invoice (2 Copies) must be sent with the product.

Otherwise, the Dealer is responsible for product damage. The dealer accepts that he does not hold our company responsible for malfunctions that are not caused by production.

Product Delivery: As soon as the package is received, your order will be deemed to have been delivered completely and intact by the Cargo representative. Requests and objections to be made after the delivery receipt is signed will NOT be taken into account.

Product Return Policy
If the product you purchased on our site is found to be defective, you must contact us within 14 days at the latest from the delivery date. Following this information, the faulty product that you will send to us with the cargo company will be replaced with a new one. If the ordered product defect is caused by the use of the customer or the product has been used within 14 days, the product cannot be returned or exchanged. As the product return and replacement conditions, the practices in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 are essential.