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Professional Care Products After Hair Transplantation


Helps to nourish your existing hair planted with herbal products after hair transplantation


Specially developed herbal formula containing products to stop hair loss with the assurance of Iran Pharma is now very easy



You can order Graft Plus products with herbal ingredients online shop

Our Latest Product

DEMIRPHARMA He cares about you

Can prevent hair loss
Increase hair density
Natural and organic protection
Regenerate and revitalize hair
Get perfect results after hair transplantation

Hair Care / Protection Kit

As the DemirPharma family, we prioritize customer satisfaction and take care not to compromise our high quality standards. We supply carefully selected quality raw materials from various parts of the world and we shape our products without disturbing the natural extracts of these raw materials through intensive R & D studies. We are proud to make you happy with these products that we offer with a new generation solution approach to health and personal care sector.

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