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Graft Plus Meso Serum 10 Months

Graft Plus Meso Serum 10 Months

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It is applied with roller or massage.

The serum has been specially developed with growth hormone (GF), vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

It accelerates blood flow.

It helps hair achieve a healthier appearance.


10 pieces – Graft Plus meso serum (10 cc)

1 piece – Graft Plus roller (1 mm)

2 pieces – Dropper


Break the white cap of the serum bottle by pushing it upwards. Then, hold the silver metal part from the edge with scissors or a similar tool, turn it and remove the black gasket inside.

Place the white dropper included in the set onto the head of the serum bottle.

Beforehand, comb the scalp with the roller, applying a little pressure in the positive (+) direction.

Apply 1/3 of the serum bottle to the scalp every 10 days. (Serum is dripped when slight pressure is applied to the soft tissue of the dropper.)

Massage is done with fingertips and then the scalp should not be contacted with water for 12 hours.

After the application, put the black seal back on the serum bottle and keep it in the refrigerator until the next application.

Wash the dropper with water after each use.


Keep away from sunlight, out of reach of children and at room temperature.

Avoid eye contact.

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